LA Nights

IMG_4689(“But at night it’s a different world”. . . Lovin’ Spoonful)

Every night, just before S. falls asleep, when the house is dark and (only relatively!) cool, and the
tv has been turned off, and only the crickets are chirping. . . I walk into her bedroom to say goodnight, tuck her in, and TICKLE her feet. . . probably the only time of day she laughs. . .


C’s Musical Performances

  • sitting on the hardwood floor with a pan handle in his mouth, rocking back and forth, scraping the pan across the structure of the floor rhythmically.
  • great acoustics inside the washing machine, using it for percussion.
  • empty plastic bottles on different surfaces and body parts for different percussive sound effects
  • singing and dancing “The Boxer” by Simon&Garfunkel

Our favorite collaboration: He goes into the washing machine and does the percussion while I sing frequencies that make the drum resonate.
It is really quite an interesting sound, I have never heard anything quite like it.