Father Dreams:

1) Jo. . . I had so little sleep last night that I was able to take a 2-hour dayNap. . . at some point, I was awakened (or OVERtaken?) by the feeling—no, the certainty—that my father was here, asleep with my mother in their bedroom. . . I thought: this is REAL— he IS alive—and when I got out of bed and walked down the hallway and peered into their room. . .YES, he was there…andTHEN I woke up…I hopeYou & C. are WELL! (is he over his illness?)

Mata ne! Ron

2) I see it is 3AM on the clock in the bedroom in the picture of the dream in the book. . . that is my usual bedtime now (unless it is 4 or even 5). . . I dream of my father often, and always know he is a ghost. . . he was LIKE a ghost months before he died. . . taking sleeping pills and invariably wandering into my room at 1 or 2 AM to sit in the chair at the foot of my

bed (placed there for him), half-asleep. . . maybe a haunting??

3) I have had close to a dozen Father-is-Alive-and- Well dreams: they are always disorienting, and make me feel sad and a bit frightened. . .WELL, even though I can never successfully interact with my father in those dreams, I DO get to SEE him (and that was often the way of our non-dream relationship, too)


2017-09-11 19.39.54

(the last items of food my father requested a day or two before his final hospitalization. . . on the shelf in the pantry, untouched for 6 years now)

C’s Musical Performances

  • sitting on the hardwood floor with a pan handle in his mouth, rocking back and forth, scraping the pan across the structure of the floor rhythmically.
  • great acoustics inside the washing machine, using it for percussion.
  • empty plastic bottles on different surfaces and body parts for different percussive sound effects
  • singing and dancing “The Boxer” by Simon&Garfunkel

Our favorite collaboration: He goes into the washing machine and does the percussion while I sing frequencies that make the drum resonate.
It is really quite an interesting sound, I have never heard anything quite like it.

The Artist as Housewife

Hello Ron.

Installations are not usually my thing, but in last night’s dream I made a very powerful one. It was in a small corridor/room, the door was right in the middle, one side was completely crammed with all kitchen things metal and one was lined with China from top to bottom. I will make a drawing.

Photo 19.06.17, 13 51 10

It may be a sign of me becoming a housewife, but it was such a powerful feeling going between the metal and the china part, they were so incredibly different. Such tension and energy between those materials.

Never thought I would have a kitchen dream. Life changes.