Urban Jungle

C. is growing up in a very urban environment, but there may be more animals around than I thought. Strange how I never realized. He spots them all. Mainly in the windows of betting shops.


C.'s fantastic!!┬ástoned mat immediately reminded me of the frontyard Pepper Tree (Sgt. Pepper Tree??) in Sherman's Jokes......the seedpod 'stones' raining down night and day/an endless supply.....embedded in my sandals, torturing my feet...../ .......which turns out to be an after-the-fact version of Duchamp! (of course!)/or, according to the OULIPO, the Duchamp would be an 'Anticipatory Plagiary' …


I was getting slightly impatient with C because he kept dawdling where we parked the bike, when I wanted to go inside. He was looking for and collecting what he calls "stones", but what in reality are mutant hazelnuts. They are falling from the trees in any case. And when I finally got him in …

New Genres

It is possible to take pictures with my phone without entering the access code (it is also possible to make emergency calls!). Today I found this rather intriguing picture series, no idea how C. did it. Here a selection: